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A Bite in the Night

"A welcome fourth adventure for one of the best and most entertaining double acts in children’s books."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Longlisted for the UKLA Book Awards 2021

Rabbit and Bear: Book 4 Rabbit is worried: trees in their forest are disappearing and, worse still, the stream has moved – even unflappable Bear declares herself ‘close to being slightly worried’ at that. The cause is the arrival of Castor Canadensis, a beaver, who is delighted with engineering as a means of building ‘New, Bigger and Better things’ in the name of ‘Progress’. It suits some of the animals, but definitely not all. Fortunately, Bear finds a way to get the animals working together, so that Castor’s hard work benefits them all, himself included. As ever, there’s as much insight as humour, and it’s a superb read aloud story. Gough and Field make creating books this good look simple, because they’re both masters at what they do. Treat yourself, and buy all four books.

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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A fantastic addition to The Rabbit and Bear series which will be very popular with emerging readers. Very high production values, beautiful illustrations and a sweet story about the importance of friendship. This one will fly off the library shelves.

Hurrah a new Rabbit and Bear story! This is the fourth in the series and continues the high standards of the previous three. The book is beautifully produced and, as always with Jim Field, wonderfully illustrated. The story is laugh-out-loud funny and will definitely appeal to children from about six upwards. I already have a pile of reservations from children waiting to read it. Perfect for fans of Captain Pug, Claude and Dave Pigeon.... Read Full Review

Sarah Ormes

'A Bite In the Night': share this funny and quirky tale of friendship and the environment with your child. The fourth in the highly illustrated Rabbit and Bear series.

Rabbit and Bear work out if friendship or personal gain is more important in 'A Bite in the Night', the fourth book in this highly illustrated and quirky series for confident readers.

Laidback Bear and nervous but occasionally blunt-spoken Rabbit face the destruction of their valley home by Castor, a beaver intent on cutting down trees to create a dam. Nicely characterised as pursuing environmental destruction in the name of progress, Castor is only interested in the benefits for him; he has no experience of friendship or even how to smile. Bear will also benefit from the new dam, whilst Rabbit and the smaller creatures will lose their habitat. However, unlike Castor, Bear puts friendship first.... Read Full Review

Samantha Letters

Great characters and a fun, appealing layout.

Everything in the forest is breaking and falling down because there's a naughty beaver eating and changing things. But he learns how to be friends and be happy.
I liked the woodpecker because he was so funny talking. 4/5

Sarah, Milo's Mum
I read this with my 4 year old son. He enjoyed the story and the moral of being considerate of others worked well. He was a little too young to be able to read alone, but possibly wouldn't have enjoyed the story as much when able to read it alone. I do prefer chapter books as there's a natural pause, as it was we had to read this in one go!... Read Full Review

Milo Jones