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The Keeper of the Stones

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

The Keeper of the Stones is an absorbing tale of time travel. Beautifully illustrated in black and white, the opening page sets the scene and poses questions even before the story begins. 

There’s mystery as we follow Lizzie and Daniel on their adventure back in time to the Bronze Age. Not only is this book packed full of intrigue as Lizzie works to save her brother, it also quietly educates on archaeology and history. I think children aged 9-12 will enjoy this book, especially if they love animals as the animal characters in the book play an important role, and Lizzie’s knowledge from helping out on her family farm is vital for those in peril. I used to read the Sheltie books at that age and reading this felt similar in some places. I also quite liked that the sister is the one to save the day, holding her own as she helps the other characters and saves her brother. 

I think that The Keeper of Stones is very well-written and I was able to sit back and enjoy the story without feeling the need to make notes. There’s strong description, good characterisation and humour to alleviate the tension throughout this adventure story. There’s lots packed into just under 200 pages and I’m sure there’s more of Lizzie’s story to come, I wonder where she’ll end up next?

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