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Kay's Anatomy

"Hugely entertaining and hugely informative guide to everything you ever wanted to know about the human body"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body

This is an information text that will be read with great pleasure and is actually as unputdownable as a novel. It is very apparent that the multimillion-copy selling author and medical doctor has never grown out of his gleeful fascination with the human machine and has a real knack for presenting complex facts both clearly and concisely while making the reader laugh out loud. Similarly, the illustrations by Henry Parker combine accurate explanatory diagrams and zany amusing cartoons, often on the same page. Much of the humour is, of course, derived from the more disgusting aspects of the internal and external body and to making fun of the complicated language and terminology doctors and scientists use, but nonetheless using and explaining all those terms. Indeed the book concludes with a brilliantly educative glossary (and even the jokes are indexed!) A running gag is Clive and the ‘naming committee’ responsible for naming body parts, as is the continued references to the author’s dog Pippin, but always in a way which enhances an explanation or a description and develops understanding. Chapters cover all the organs and systems of the body as well as reproduction, life and death and germs (including COVID-19) and include Kay’s Kwestions (another running gag about needing a replacement Q on his keyboard) and True or Poo  sections which answer the sort of questions inquisitive children will be dying to ask and expose the myths, misinformation and old wives tales that you might have heard. He does not shrink from difficult topics or giving unpopular advice – junk food, smoking and drinking really are bad for you and washing your hands properly is important. As genuinely useful as any textbook or revision guide, I would suggest multiple copies will be needed to satisfy demand in any school library.

Joy Court

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Reader Reviews

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If you think learning about the human body is boring you NEED to read this book! It is completely hilarious with amazing funny pictures.

If you think learning about the human body is boring you NEED to read this book! It is completely hilarious with amazing funny pictures. Have you ever wanted to know why your tummy rumbles and what words doctors use instead? (Borborygmus apparently! Note to author, it would be good to know how to say these words!). You learn a lot from this book. Like what illnesses such as diabetes or epilepsy do, and what it’s like to go through puberty. It also answers questions you might not have thought about - like what is belly button fluff?

My favourite bits of the book are the true or poo sections at the end of each chapter. I asked my family and they didn’t get them all right. So it’s good learning for everyone - no more five second rule!... Read Full Review

Lucas Blake

Absolutely awesome! So funny and cool facts!

Wow this book was so cool! It's a fact book not a story book, but it was just so funny to read and not boring at all! It's all about the human body and what is inside you and how your body works. But there are funny pictures and information and they tell you all the icky disgusting things as well which is really funny and cheeky! But I learnt loads of things and I'll remember the facts because I can think about the pictures to help me.... Read Full Review

Aidan Jones

I have learnt so much from this book and I would 1000% recommend it to someone else.

There are so many ways that I can describe Kay's Anatomy like fascinating, funny but it's a little bit gross too. I have learnt so much from this book and I would 1000% recommend it to someone else because it can tell you so much such as: the true name for when you bite your nails is onychophagia and there is actually more bacteria in your POO than there are pages on the internet! There are so many hilarious illustrations to go with Adam Kay's funny words.... Read Full Review

Frankie Dumville