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Kay's Anatomy Reader Reviews

Kay's Anatomy

Lucas Blake

If you think learning about the human body is boring you NEED to read this book! It is completely hilarious with amazing funny pictures.

If you think learning about the human body is boring you NEED to read this book! It is completely hilarious with amazing funny pictures. Have you ever wanted to know why your tummy rumbles and what words doctors use instead? (Borborygmus apparently! Note to author, it would be good to know how to say these words!). You learn a lot from this book. Like what illnesses such as diabetes or epilepsy do, and what it’s like to go through puberty. It also answers questions you might not have thought about - like what is belly button fluff?

My favourite bits of the book are the true or poo sections at the end of each chapter. I asked my family and they didn’t get them all right. So it’s good learning for everyone - no more five second rule! We’re always learning about the human body at school. Once you’ve read this book, you can go back again and again and again to add facts to school-work, or be inspired to do your own comic poo drawing or write your own funny joke. BEWARE: not all teachers like these! It’s also a great book if you think you might want to be a nurse or a doctor... if all the revolting parts of the human body don’t put you off! I’d give this book ten out of ten and recommend it for kids age 9+, particularly if they like fart jokes!

Aidan Jones

Absolutely awesome! So funny and cool facts!

Wow this book was so cool! It's a fact book not a story book, but it was just so funny to read and not boring at all! It's all about the human body and what is inside you and how your body works. But there are funny pictures and information and they tell you all the icky disgusting things as well which is really funny and cheeky! But I learnt loads of things and I'll remember the facts because I can think about the pictures to help me. The book is so cool because it was really interesting and now I know more about how I work!

Frankie Dumville

I have learnt so much from this book and I would 1000% recommend it to someone else.

There are so many ways that I can describe Kay's Anatomy like fascinating, funny but it's a little bit gross too. I have learnt so much from this book and I would 1000% recommend it to someone else because it can tell you so much such as: the true name for when you bite your nails is onychophagia and there is actually more bacteria in your POO than there are pages on the internet! There are so many hilarious illustrations to go with Adam Kay's funny words. Without a doubt I would give it 5 stars!


A funny, comical book about the human body. An excellent guide.

I really like this book on the human body. It is very informative, but comical at the same time. The illustrations make you laugh. It is disgusting and gross though when it shows you the insides of the body. It tells you unusual facts, which I never knew were true and are somewhat unbelievable. The book is in sections to do with human body - reproduction, the heart, the blood etc. I liked that you could pick a topic and discover more about it. You don’t have to read the book from page to page. The glossary is helpful, telling you how to pronounce words and what they mean. I recommend this book for 7 - 12 years olds.

Heston Chaytors

Better than a science lesson!

I love this book! This is so funny and disgusting but I liked it better than any science lesson! I like how you can pick and choose any section you want to find out more about, and you don't have to read through the book page by page. This is a good book to keep going back to. I liked being able to read it on my own but also with my mum to make her go urrgghhh! It's funny reading my family parts of this book, especially the bits about farts and bogeys (and they can't tell me off because I'm reading if from the book!). I think kids who have read David Walliams a while ago will love this.

Abigail Morrow

I really like this book and I think every kid should read it.

True or Poo: Kay's Anatomy is an incredible book? True - because it's a lot about poo!

The book is really really interesting and explains important stuff about the body in a very funny way with cool cartoons that made me laugh so much. Now I have read the book I am cleverer than my Mummy and Daddy - I even know that Jelly Babies panic when they go in your mouth! I give this book 5 stars! I really like this book and I think every kid should read it. Now I have to go and put pigeon poo on my Daddy's head to help his hair grow back!!!

Amatullah Khatun

This book should be book of the year (not just a book of the month). Kay’s Anatomy’ is hysterical. It’s a guide to the human body as the title says but is done in a fun and sometimes disgusting way.

‘Kay’s Anatomy’ is hysterical. It’s a guide to the human body as the title says but is done in a fun and sometimes disgusting way. This book includes stuff about the heart, skin, germs, the brain and so much more. The funniest parts were about the author’s dog Pippin, who was sick on the keyboard, and his robot butler.

My top 3 facts I learnt are: if your parents tell you that you’re getting on their nerves tell them that they actually have 6 million; beetroot makes your poo go purple and when your parents tell you to eat carrots tell them that they aren’t so good for you as they can make your skin go orange.

This book should be book of the year (not just a book of the month). It is brilliant and the illustrations are superb and sometimes gruesome.


Lily O’Dwyer

This book is totally awesome and I learned so much!

When I first got this book I thought it looked really interesting but was quite thick.
It is written really really well with lots of diagrams and pictures to help explain things and it is really funny!
It tells you loads of facts about your body. Some of them are very interesting and some of them are a bit gross, but I think I liked those bits the best.
It tells you the good things and the bad things you can do to help or hurt your body and how to take care of it.
This is a book you can either read from start to finish or you can just dip in and out if there is something you want to find out about.
I totally loved this book and I have been reading bits of it to some of my friends as well. I would say that everyone would love this book and I think there should be a copy in every school library. Just brilliant.

Sam Briggs

Hilariously funny and educational book about the human body!

Kay’s Anatomy is a fun book fit for all ages. It’s full of amazing and interesting facts about the human body. I have learnt so much about my brain, skin, lungs, heart etc. Adam Kay is really funny and writes in such a way that makes you want to read the book again and again. The illustrations are brilliant and really funny; I especially like the cartoon pictures of the organs. My favourite parts of the book are the ‘true or poo?’ quiz questions at the end of every chapter, for example, ‘You have hair on every part of your body? True or Poo?’. Some facts are particularly helpful like sitting close to the TV isn’t actually bad for your eyes! If you’re after a funny, educational, interesting book about the human body, you won’t be disappointed!

Seraphina Pope

This book is a fun way to learn about a human body and have fun at the same time! Even a reluctant reader will enjoy it!

Kay's Anatomy sounded uninteresting but after reading just one chapter I couldn't stop. It is both educational and funny at the same time, full of facts but also answers to hilarious questions. It also coincides with my science lessons at school at the moment so I feel like I am revising whilst reading. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Ruben Kiss

It is a fun and exciting book about the body. It is a entertaining way to learn and have a laugh at the same time.

You can find out many facts that you might not even want to know about your body! It is a a fun and exciting book that helps you learn and laugh at the same time. I recommend this book to other children and grown ups to learn from this book too. I have learnt many facts from this book and have enjoyed it. Overall I rate this book a 10/10.

Gene Macaulay

This book is really funny and it is even better than a science lesson. I recommend it for all children 11 under. I really enjoyed the POO OR TRUE parts.

Kay's Anatomy is my new favourite book, written by a Doctor who has all the facts you'd ever want to know. This book answers lots of questions that I've always wondered about and more.
Are bogeys safe to eat? Will you catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair? What causes an ice cream head ache?
The illustrations make this book even better, and they're funny to look at.
It's a book I can pick up again because there are so many pages of fun and funny information. I have learnt so much. I keep telling my family lots of facts, so now they think I'm really clever.

I'm going to tell my friends about this book, I will tell them there is lots about poo. They'll definitely want to read it

Olivia Hughes

Kay’s Anatomy is disgustingly gross yet truly fascinating! I want more.

I have absolutely loved reading Kay’s Anatomy. I’ve learnt loads of new facts, like how your blood has gold in it, and been able to wow my friends. I love how this book teaches you new stuff but is totally gross at the same time. My favourite bit of the book is the part about the brain because it tells you about the different parts of the brain and what they control in your body. There is nothing to dislike about Kay’s Anatomy, it’s disgustingly gross yet fascinating. I want to read more!

Ellen Hall

Full of mind-blowing facts, interesting illustrations and entertaining jokes!

Kay's Anatomy
I really enjoyed this book, it was full of mind-blowing facts, interesting illustrations and entertaining jokes to keep it light! This informal book described all of the body's functions/ how it works really well and in a way that balanced textbook style infomation and fun facts. It was bulging with fasinating data ranging from how your respiratory system works to the brain cells who sit in the control seat. Even after reading it fully, I was able to re-read and rediscover all of the amazing facts. I think this book would be of most interest to people of between 9-15+ but I think anyone over 9 could and would enjoy to read this fantastic book. It gets better with every page turn!

Prisha Yadav

Amazing Book which explains human anatomy in such a fun way.

Kay’s Anatomy is an amazing book full of interesting information about human body along with hilarious jokes and riddles. The book cover is very attractive and colourful with the photo of the skeleton. The author has written an eye-catchy blurb which will surely catch your attention. The amazing facts along with good humour and some great illustrations in the book inspires me to read on and on.
The Book includes awesome facts about the human body and helps us to learn about its functions. Each fact is fully explained and detailed with help of lovely illustrations. This is a wonderful book which will enhances learning about anatomy in an easy and interesting way. I would definitely recommend this book to all.

Book Information

ISBN: 9780241452912
Publication date: 15th October 2020
Author: Adam Kay
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd an imprint of Penguin Random House Children's UK
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 416 pages
Suitable for: 11+ readers, 13+ readers, 9+ readers
Genres: Fascinating Facts, General Non-Fiction, Science, Personal Social Health Economic
Other Categories: Reviewed by Children, Star Books