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Summer Sorcery

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

When two siblings explore their new home they begin an exciting fantasy adventure. We meet Nyree and Elias exploring woods near their new home and as they stumble upon a mysterious ruin. From here, ‘Summer Sorcery’ by Brandon Lim is a tale of magic and adventure with a cast of fae and other creatures.

I found the pacing of this adventure story quite good. There's plenty for the reader to learn, alongside Nyree and Elias, about different types of magic but there’s new characters to meet, things to try and problems to solve that allows the plot to keep moving forward. I enjoyed the incorporation of traditional folklore and fairy-tale beings and I thought that the author managed to use them in order to create a story that is unique and entertaining. I also enjoyed the differences between the siblings, with Nyree being more methodical and cerebral, and Elias being more spontaneous and enthusiastic. I’m sure that readers will have their favourite character, that they can relate to most, but I think these differences between the siblings also share the message that there’s more than one way to solve a problem, or be successful. There’s a nice theme throughout celebrating differences, and teamwork to solve problems.

I think that ‘Summer Sorcery’ is a great start to a wider adventure series that will have readers eager to learn more about the mysterious prophecy and what lies in store for the brother and sister.

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