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(Im)Mortal Earth

"A second quest with adventure, fantasy and unique folklore."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

The second in a series, ‘(Im)Mortal Earth’ by J.J.Faulks sees Piprin and Orleigh set off to find the Seer in the hopes of a cure for Piprin’s sick mother. This journey raises more questions than answers and sends the pair of friends on a quest to save the Key of Life. I would recommend starting with ‘The Seer’s Curse’ to get to know Orleigh and Piprin properly, and understand the opening of ‘(Im)Mortal Earth’ and their previous quests. In a world of mythology, where suspicion of outsiders runs rife, the same suspicions that were directed at Orleigh in the first book are turned against those seeking asylum from the West, a land where crops are failing and famine runs rife.

This is a well-written story, with detailed world building, gods and mythology to entertain young fantasy readers. I liked the way the author manages to incorporate folklore while also making sure that the pace of the story isn’t affected. There’s lots of action and interference from the gods, who I would have liked to know more about and why I recommend any reader start with ‘The Seer’s Curse’. There is a satisfactory conclusion with plenty of scope for a third book and more challenges for the young friends.

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