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Looshkin: Oof! Right in the Puddings!

"A new helping of absolute comic brilliance from Jamie Smart"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

May 2023 Graphic Novel of the Month

Mayhem alert! Looshkin, aka ‘the maddest cat ever’ is back and the chaos caused is unprecedented, even for him.

First published in the Phoenix Comic, this is another bumper collection of comic-strip stories, in which, over the course of a week (it’s divided into days), Looshkin decides he has psychic powers, takes over the internet – from the inside – and develops a fascination for garden gnomes. He also steals an ice-cream van, though this is for the second time (the first time he drove it into space).

As you can tell, there’s no way of knowing what Looshkin will do next, and the sheer madcap surreal anarchy he generates is exhilarating, and wonderfully funny. Add to this extra self-contained cartoon jokes and adventures and this is absolute comic brilliance from Jamie Smart.

Be warned though, you’ll have to prize this out of your child’s hands if you want them to do anything other than sit on the floor laughing.

Andrea Reece

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