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Bunny vs Monkey: Machine Mayhem

"The genius of Jamie Smart sends Bunny, Monkey, Weenie, Pig and co to the heights of invention"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

How can you not love a book which includes the lines ‘Skunky, do NOT use the interdimensional portal-opening device!’ and ‘This time next year, we’ll all be wearing chutney’ or indeed, ‘Où est l’Action Beaver?’ But lines like these are only one of the pleasures of Jamie Smart’s comic strip adventures, Bunny vs Monkey.

A bumper hardback edition, Machine Mayhem contains an entire years’ worth of stories, all first seen in the Phoenix comic, and they are his usual exuberant mix of madcap action, surreal situations, constant surprises, and extraordinary mechanical gadgets.

Each self-contained strip is a triumph of design, invention and hilarity, Smart’s unmistakeable illustrations dazzling and delighting readers. Amidst all the chaos though, Bunny, Monkey, Weenie and Pig are proper characters, always believable, no matter what they’re up to. One of the most brilliant comic strips of today.

Andrea Reece

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