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The Yoghurt Plot

Written by Fleur Hitchcock

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June 2014 Book of the Month This is a completely hair-brained family-friendly adventure in which the combination of Bugg and Dilan, two brothers together with time-travel, yoghurts and gerbils somehow and inexplicably create a fast-paced story that 7+ year olds will love and it's from the pen of bestselling novelist Fleur Hitchcock. If nothing else it will set off the readers' imagination into overdrive on life's possibilities - nothing will be considered impossible once you've read this book.

A Piece of Passion Sara O'Connor, Editorial Director Time travel through yoghurt pots. How could I not love this idea? It is utterly bonkers and yet told so naturally that I can't help thinking about it each time I peel open a lid to my favourite Corner yoghurt... Granted, it isn't quite the right shape of pot, but as this wonderfully wacky story shows, it's not about the container but the contents. Plus, there's ballroom dancing. Time travel, yoghurt, gerbils and ballroom dancing. Wondering how those things could possibly fit together? You're just going to have to read it to find out!

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  • Alex Crisp, age 9 - 'This is a very funny, confusing sci-fi-ish story, with three children who keep committing time crimes and trying to fix them.' Read full review >
  • Evie Young, age 9 - 'Bugg and Dilan eat old yoghurt and travel back in time, a really fun story about time travel.' Read full review >
  • Jack Saddler, age 9 - 'I loved the book because it was complex and also mystifying. It is about time travel and makes you think because whenever the characters fix something in the past they mess something up in the future!' Read full review >
  • Miranda Beinart – Smith, age 8 - 'This book is the wackiest story that I’ve ever read!  The idea of yoghurts taking you back in time is really. really, really cool! You should definitely read this amazing book!' Read full review >
  • Alina Wraith, age 9 - 'It was a brilliant book, the characters were funny and it had a great sense of comedy.' Read full review >
  • Emily Lonsdale, age 8 - 'Time traveling fridge! An original, gripping read.' Read full review >
  • Sam Harper, age 10 - 'A fridge which can communicate and yoghurts which make you travel in time.  Who would believe it? An amazing, funny, time travel adventure. I was totally hooked from page one.' Read full review >
  • Lucas, age 9 - 'I really really liked this book!' Read full review >
  • Traviss Chaytors, age 11 - 'Ballroom dancing and time traveling with gerbils’, what next?' Read full review >
  • Dylan Sweet, age 10 - 'This is a very funny book and caught me in hysterics. One of my favourite scenes is when they nearly get caught by the police in 1974 for stealing a fizzy drink.' Read full review >
  • Toby Pickering , age 7 - 'This is a very interesting book with a different take on time travel. I found it funny and exciting.' Read full review >
  • Alexander Bisland, age 8 - 'I recommend this to 9+ time travelling fans who like good fictional stories...I give it 10/10.' Read full review >


The Yoghurt Plot by Fleur Hitchcock

'I don't want my life controlled by a fridge.' Humming in the kitchen of Bugg and Dilan's new home is a huge, mysterious fridge. Even when Bugg turns off the power, the light stays on. Plus, it's full of strange-looking yoghurts in glass jars with wax-paper lids. Should they? Shouldn't they? They do, but the yoghurts take them back to 1974. What follows is a desperate scramble across time and space, in which the siblings discover a 40-year-old time crime and become painfully aware that small changes they make in the past can have huge consequences for their future. Aided and hindered by go-for-it gerbil-fancier Lorna, they try to put everything back in order before time - and the yoghurts - run out completely.


Fleur Hitchcock's books are always fun. -- Nicolette Jones * The Sunday Times * This is a completely hair-brained family-friendly adventure that 7+ year olds will love ... it will set off the readers

's possibilities - nothing will be considered impossible once you've read this book. -- Julia Eccleshare * Lovereading4kids - Book of the Month *'

About the Author

Fleur Hitchcock

Born in Chobham, by an airfield, and raised outside Winchester on the banks of the river Itchen, Fleur Hitchcock grew up as the youngest child of three. She spent her smallest years reading Tintin and Batman under her brother’s bed, and searching for King Alfred’s treasure in the river. She grew up a little, went away to school near Farnham, studied English in Wales, and, for the next twenty years, sold Applied Art in the city of Bath. When her younger child was seven, she embarked on the Writing for Young People MA at Bath Spa and graduated with a distinction.

Now living outside Bath, between parenting and writing, Fleur Hitchcock works with her husband, a toymaker, looks after other people’s gardens and tries to grow vegetables.

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Fleur Hitchcock
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