Harriet Muncaster is the author and illustrator of the bestselling Isadora Moon series, which has sold over 1 million copies worldwide and is available in over thirty different languages!

Harriet Muncaster is the creator of the magical Isadora Moon series. Half-vampire, half-fairy Isadora is an irresistible character and her adventures are told through a series of gorgeous chapter books, with pink and black artwork throughout - perfect for newly independent readers.

Harriet Muncaster is a talented illustrator, she studied illustration at Norwich University of the Arts and then went on to do an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. Her work was first spotted at the Bologna Book Fair, leading to the publication of the first Isadora story, Isadora Moon Goes to School. 

The idea for Isadora Moon began as an older slightly gothic, naughty fairy called Victoria Stitch with bat wings and pink hair. Harriet created a younger, cuter version, added fangs and then developed a backstory for her..her mum being a fairy and her dad a vampire. Harriet says, "Isadora Moon is so special to me – because she was born out of a real passion project of mine. I absolutely adore her."

There is a lot of love for Isadora Moon from our Reader Review panel (and their mums!)...

Emma Radford, mum to Sam and Jack said - 'We loved Isadora Moon Goes to School...The illustrations were lovely and gave us lots to talk about. Both my boys are really keen to read more of Isadora's exploits!'

Tanya Thurling, mum to Eleanor wrote - 'the chapters are just the right length for one before bedtime...so I think this book is perfect if you want to progress to bigger books with your child...Isadora Moon who is half fairy and half vampire (which Eleanor LOVED. Possibly the coolest thing she's ever heard. Her words, not mine).'

Seraphina Pope, age 7 and her mum said - 'My daughter absolutely loved this book, it's actually the first book she picked and read all by herself. The illustrations are really lovely and probably helped to connect her with this character.'

The books are ideal early readers, with funny, lively and magical storylines and appealing characters with charm and spirit. The series now numbers eleven titles;

Isadora Moon Goes to School

Isadora Moon Goes Camping

Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet

Isadora Moon Has a Birthday

Isadora Moon Goes on a School Trip

Isadora Moon Goes to the Fair

Isadora Moon Gets in Trouble

Isadora Moon Has a Sleepover

Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic

Isadora Moon Puts on a Show

Isadora Moon Goes on Holiday

Isadora Moon Goes to a Wedding

Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy

Isadora Moon gets the Magic Pox

Isadora Moon and the Shooting Star

So Harriet, if you had to choose would you rather be a vampire or a fairy? "I would definitely be a fairy because I love nature. Ideally I would be a miniature fairy, not a human size fairy, because I like the idea of being tiny. Also I would love to have fairy wings and naturally pink hair!"

Take a look at Harriet's new series which introduces Mirabelle, Isadora's naughty cousin, half witch, half fairy and full of fun! Mirabelle Gets Up to Mischief is the first in the series.

And you can find out more about Harriet Muncaster, the Isadora Moon series, activities, school visits and events at harrietmuncaster.co.uk and find Storywriting Tips from Harriet on our KidsZone.