The start of the new school term is exciting - with new subjects on offer, new friends to make and all that nice new stationery! 

Some are starting school for the very first time. It might sound a little scary and daunting for your child, but this step up means new experiences and important developments. 

With all this in mind we have gathered together a collection of books for a range of ages from those starting reception to those moving to senior school and beyond. Some are gentle and reassuring, others offer a more practical approach of what children might expect when school begins. 

Those worried about starting school or feel nervous about the return to school can find a greater selection of books and resources in our Anxiety & Wellbeing and Resilience collections.

We've thrown in some storybooks too, to remind children of all the fun they can have at school. And a few great new non-fiction titles on some popular curriculum subjects.

Whether your child is super excited, or a little nervous to begin a new class year, we have a great selection of books to help the transition.