Hi-Lo fiction is perfectly tailored for children whose reading age is lower than their actual age.  These are books with a high interest age but a low reading age. An interest age denotes a child’s actual age. For struggling and reluctant readers, this is usually substantially higher than their reading age. Hi-Lo readers mean a child can read titles that are age appropriate for them, but also simple to read. There can be many reasons why a child doesn’t develop good literacy skills and would find hi-lo readers useful.

• Dyslexia, which can make it hard to recognise and remember words and letters. A lot of hi-lo readers use a font which gives each letter a distinct shape and encourages the eye onwards.

• Irlen Syndrome, where words and letters can seem to jump around, it is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information.

• Short attention spans, hyperactivity and simple reluctance can stop kids picking up a book.

• Low self-esteem can impact heavily on reading confidence. Hi-Lo readers match content and design appropriate to a reader’s actual age with language at a younger level.

• EAL learners can find complex language confusing. Most hi-lo titles have lots of speech and illustration to help with understanding

Build young people’s confidence with short, high-interest, low-ability texts that are specifically designed to be accessible. Highly readable, these type of books provide gripping, age-appropriate stories, packed with dynamic, contemporary illustrations. They are perfect for engaging struggling and reluctant readers, those with English as an additional language and those with dyslexia.

The books collated in this collection spark an interest in reading with pacy storylines, featuring diverse and relatable characters. Browse the collection and get the children in you life reading for pleasure with an age appropriate book today, perfect for reluctant, dyslexic and under-confident readers.